Wild West Outlaw Jesse James with members of his gang, probably two of the Younger brothers.

5 Legendary Wild West Outlaws

Train robberies. Horse thievery. Cattle rustling. Shootouts. Cold-blooded murder. The most notorious outlaws of the Wild West have long been romanticized as daring robbers and swashbuckling killers since their stories first hit early American tabloids. In many ways, their more

Inside the 1912 Titanic Investigations

Did the Official 1912 Titanic Investigations Go Far Enough?

When the RMS Titanic went down on the night of April 14-15, 1912, people on both sides of the Atlantic frantically awaited further news. The newspapers pieced together what little information they could obtain from wireless telegraph messages sent by the Titanic and other ships more

The Miserable Journey Aboard the Mayflower

What Was Life Like Aboard the Mayflower?

Sailing for more than two months across 3,000 miles of open ocean, the 102 passengers of the Mayflower—including three pregnant women and more than a dozen children—were squeezed below decks in crowded, cold and damp conditions, suffering crippling bouts of seasickness, and more